Networking to some can be daunting, uncomfortable, or simply terrifying! For some, it comes naturally and second nature to shake a stranger’s hand (Covid permitting) and interact in a dialogue that creates synergy and potential opportunities to work together, or merely creating another contact in your network of professionals. 


Pre-Covid, face to face networking was a weekly, sometimes daily occurrence that created opportunities to meet like-minded companies, discussing best practice and challenges that the industry was being faced with. Post-Covid was about adapting, building relationships through a screen in your front living room. Let’s be honest, it has been the norm for the past 18 months, and now we are re-adapting to once again live events, face to face, human interaction and no more shirt and shorts combo! 


We have found at Reliance Worldwide Logistic Solutions that joining specific groups, such as the DMA, IPIA and various Chambers has not only created a solid foundation of new contacts but has completely changed our way of Networking! We have an abundance of members that requires our services, but we are more interested in finding out about our potential customers, what makes their business tick and what they look for in their supply chain. 


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