Speaking with many of our clients post Brexit, we tend to discuss less on future plans and what’s working well, but mainly around challenges in the marketplace. One topic that really struck a chord was establishing companies, mostly in print & magazines, were turning down projects that involved international distribution because of duty charges. One company had lost 30% of their annual revenue due to these implications, and the knock-on effect was now at a point of no recovery.


At Reliance Worldwide Logistic Solutions, we understand the pain and the barriers that have now impacted an industry that had always flourished through its international reach, but has now put many companies on the backfoot, replanning strategies and exploring other avenues to fulfil the revenue now lost.


WE HAVE A SOLUTION! Not only can we advise, save you money and offer an exemplary service, but our global Strategic Partners that will support your businesses, your projects and your customers to ensure you will never have to turn down international distribution again.


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