Carbon Neutral Courier

Every item sent with Reliance is carbon neutral. We offset every mile of CO2 emissions emitted via our partnership with Carbon Footprint.

QAS Approved

Our chosen Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) registered projects meet the requirements under the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting.

Investing in the future

Our Carbon Offsetting partnership enables us to provide benefits in education, jobs, food security, clean drinking water and heath & well-being in developing countries.


Wind Based Power Generation

This project generates power using a renewable energy source (wind) and sells the power generated to the state grid.

The project activity involves the installation and maintenance of Wind Turbines. The total installed capacity of the project is 80 MW; which involves operation of 40 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs), each with a capacity of 2 MW. The project is promoted by Panama Wind Energy Godawari Private Limited and located at Maharashtra state in India.

Production and dissemination of Ceramic Water Purifiers

Hydrologic helps thousands of Cambodians access clean water while creating a range of additional benefits. When purifiers replace boiling, it results in fewer respiratory illnesses as smoky wood burning is no longer required. Providing clean water to families is also essential to combatting diarrheal illness, a major health issue afflicting young children. By filtering water instead of boiling it over a wood burning fire, purifiers protect Cambodia’s forests.

Nanyang Danjiang River Solar Cooker Project

The Nanyang Solar Project improves the indoor hygiene and living conditions of 50,000 rural households in one of the poorest regions in China. By replacing traditional coal-fired cooking stoves with clean solar cookers, an annual 93,962 tonnes of CO2 emissions are reduced and the quality of life of 50,000 rural household are improved.

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