POE (Proof of Execution)

Over the years, we have listened to our customers and continued to improve our services.

But one question just kept coming up?

• We never know when our campaigns / mail has landed into the specific country?

• We asked why would you want to know?

• So, we can advise our sales / marketing teams to start measuring ROI and get back to the end customer!

Light bulb moment!Data is king!

After checking with our supply chain, Royal Mail (UK), Bpost (Belgium), Deutsche Post (Germany) to name a few, we found that this information was for internal use only?

What if we can produce full visibility from collecting from the printers / airports and reporting the information back to our customers quickly.

Going back and forth to the supplier chain to retrieve this data was a task in itself.

The postal industry is still built on old legacy platforms and very much fragmented and set in their own way.

They don’t really want to give you the data!

With all our efforts and being persistent in our goal –

This is was problem we had to fix for our customers!

Thus, the “POE” was born, the information was manually extracted from our supply chain and put into an excel format so it would be easily read.

We called it the POE Report – Proof of Execution showing progress / tracking feasibility information for campaigns / mail received into Reliance and process audit into the supplier chain network and beyond.

What’s the future? We have now embarked on creating a booking platform to bring all data and feasibility through API from our supply chain to give YOU access to real-time tracking feasibility information to serve your end customers.

Our Supply Chain Network

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