Loyalty Scheme

Our passionate & dedicated team will always strive to get the best deal for all our customers, which is why we pass our bulk mail discounts back to you through our Loyalty Scheme.

It’s simple and easy, we will apply a discount to every mailing you ship via the Reliance Worldwide Logistics Solutions network, ensuring you earn this back for each job, every time.

Reliance Worldwide Logistics Solutions mission is to reward all our loyal customers with savings and exceptional customer service.

Here is what you can save and earn back!

£5,000 – £9,999
Save up to 1%

£10,000 – £29,999
Save up to 2%

Save up to 3%

If you would like to hear more about our Loyalty Scheme, and how we can support you and your business, please contact us today!

Ready to save money on your parcel & mail?